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Real Estate Investing For Beginners Today

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Is Real Estate Investing Right For Me?

Real Estate investing is a high risk but extremely high reward venture. The barriers to entry can be higher then most investors which means less competition in the marketplace. There are many different options available for potential investors. Residential real estate is the lowest barrier to entry and is the place most people start. If I had limited funds and experience I would consider a duplex or small apartment complex as my first project.

For example, with a duplex you could rent out one side and live in the other. This would give you a rent payment to supplement your income. Another option would be to rent out both sides of the duplex and hope the property cash flows. It’s important to be very selective when picking out properties to invest in. Most potential investments you analyze will not cash flow immediately. In order to make a positive return you must be able to add value to the project.

Value can come in a variety of different forms such as new paint, landscaping, remodel, roof, re-branding, better marketing, or anything else the previous landlord was missing. In most cases you might have to search through dozens of deals before you find one that’s worth investing in. As a beginning investor I would highly consider starting with low income properties. The benefit of these types of properties is they are usually in high demand and preform well in both up and down markets. When the market crashes you are able fill the building with low income renters, and when the market improves you can clean up the place and raise the rents. Contrast this with a higher end development where you could actually end up with an empty building during crashing markets.

For every different class of investments there are pros and cons. One of the primary cons of investing in the low income real estate market is your potential upside or return is limited. As I mentioned previously, these assets offer safety through market swings, but do not offer a huge amount of appreciation. The exception to this rule would be when you turn apartment complexes into condo developments and sell the units off one by one. The next asset class I would recommend exploring is owner occupied commercial properties. If you have a small retail business or a business that requires you to have office space, you could purchase a building and be your own land lord.

Owner occupied dwellings are safer because you have at least one permeant paying tenant. Next, you could rent out the remainder of the building and potentially cover your debt service payment. If you have no need for a physical space then you could buy a commercial building and rent out the entire structure. The biggest thing to remember here is you need to be careful when buying buildings that don’t currently have tenants. One of the safer ways to go would be to buy a building that already is full of tenants, the problem being you potential return would be much lower. Smart investors have already priced in the lease for the length of the tenants term, therefore you potential equity is much lower.

Finally, the last class of development that I would consider would be commercial builds. This is a high risk, but potential high reward way to earn a living. Using only a minimal down payment you could take out debt service on your property to the tune of 80% LTV. This means that your potential return would be greatly magnified, but so is your potential losses. In a solid up market you can make a huge amount of money very quickly by using leverage. With that said, on a down market you could loose very large amounts of equity very quickly.

If your seriously considering this type of investment it’s important to start small and work your way up. There is only so much information you can learn from a book and the only true way to learn is through experience. Cedar Homes LLC- We Buy Houses Virginia, offers a great way to get started in real estate investing on a lower risk scale. They have been flipping houses for 10 years and offer investment opportunities to get involved in some of their projects. If you would like to learn more, just follow the link here: http://cedarhomesllc.com/we-buy-houses-virginia-beach/. They can go over your expected return to loan ratio and show you some of their current and future projects. Below is also one of their videos.

We hope this helped. Start off where you are most comfortable and let go of the fear of losing. It happens to the best and is part of learning.

SEO 101 For Beginners

SEO 101 – Beginners Lesson

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 Small business owners who fail to expand their digital presence will fall behind the power curve. As the internet grows in size and importance it is critical for business owners to adapt. I can envision a time in the near future that simply having a website will not be enough. There is so much more to online marketing and most business owners have not made this adjustment. Social media is the biggest growing category of digital marketing but most business owners are intimidated by the prospect of maintaining social accounts. In this article I will cover the basic setup that all small business owners should have. Remember, online marketing doesn’t have to be time consuming and I will show you how.

The first step in creating any business venture is to pick a niche and a name. In a lot of ways, this is the most important part and will set the framework for everything else. There are a few different options to consider when picking a name. The first and most important set of criteria is finding a unique name. I prefer to use an inferior names that are unique over better names that are being used currently. After you have chosen your business name the next step is to pick a domain name. When considering domain names your options are to chose a branded name or a EDM (exact match domain name). The difference being a branded domain would be harder to start originally, but better in the long run. An exact match domain will be easier to start and rank, but have limitations in the long run. I prefer to use branded names because I like the option of scaling up in the future.

Once you have chosen your name and your domain it’s time to begin building your website. I prefer to use WordPress for website builds because of their versatility and they have advantages with regard to search engine optimization. There are a few drag and drop web design platforms that have become extremely popular in the last few years such as Wix and Weebly. I recommend that people avoid these platforms because they are inferior to WordPress and are extremely limited. Plus, once your website information is on these platforms it is very difficult to transfer it to a different system. The reason most new website developers avoid WordPress is because the initial learning curve can be step and challenging. Although, once your site is up and keyword optimized you are much better off in the long run. It’s more important than ever to add unique and quality content to your site. In the old days you could simply copy an article from another webpage and paste it onto you site. This tactic will no longer work and Google is giving out duplicate content penalties like candy. Your best move would be to spend some time and write at least 5-10 500 word articles for the various pages on your site. These can be simply a description of the services you provide. Next, you should take pictures of your business, product, or service and add it to your pages. Finally, Google loves video and it would be worth the investment in both time and energy to produce a few high quality videos to embed in various places throughout your webpage. Video is powerful because it will increase user time on site and engagement. Plus, Google owners YouTube and they are actively tracking the webpages were they have a video embed. This means that you site will be indexed quicker and stay indexed longer. SEO mastermind groups also theorize that Google will favor your website in the rankings if you have YouTube videos embedded on your pages.

Now that you have your website complete it’s time to start building out your social networks. It’s very important that you do this before you send any links. Building out social networks will help build trust with Google and provide a valuable high domain authority link back to your page. For example, when you sign up for a business Facebook account there is a place you can add a no follow link back to your site. These links will help push domain authority to your webpage and set the firm foundation for further growth in the future. Remember, I said never send links to your website before you set up your social networks. When building out a new site the natural order of things would be to have social networks linked in prior to other sites linking. The goal should be natural growth and following this model will give you the most success. Once you have created your site and set up the social networks around it it’s time to start pushing traffic. This can be done through promotions, paid ads, or good ole’ fashion word of mouth. The goal here is to have as many people as possible visiting and engaging with your content. The steps I’ve shown you are sufficient to get your site up and going, but will not be sufficient to rank your site #1 in the search engines. This can only be done through a combination of perfect on page optimization, traffic, and strong anchor text optimized back linking. This is the area in which most small business owners have trouble. In most cases you would be best served by hiring a professional Portland SEO company to do this for you. Although, if your crazy enough to attempt this by yourself I will give you some advice. The only way I know to get high page authority anchor text optimized links would be by publishing unique and highly interesting content. If your content is good enough you could potentially have websites linking to you naturally. As long as these websites are reputable, these links would pass page authority and domain authority on to you. Overtime, if you were to acquire enough of these links, you could potentially rank #1.

To learn more from a professional company go to http://www.oregonwebsolutions.com/portland-seo-company Both Seth and Matt are professionals and can help guide you to ranking better online. You can also watch their video below.

Seaside Oregon Beach Volleyball Tournament 2015

World's largest amateur beach volleyball tournament

World’s largest amateur beach volleyball tournament

The 2015 beach volleyball tournament is in Seaside Oregon this weekend.  Every year I travel up to the Oregon Coast from my home in California and play in this tournament.  As an amateur volleyball player I play in a lot of different beautiful venues but Seaside is one of my favorite.  It’s hard to believe that this is the largest amateur volleyball tourneys in the world, but news media have reported this fact so it must be true.  Event organizers estimate over 1,200 teams playing on 110 courts.  The tournament is friendly for all ages and there are many different divisions to compete in including 2 person teams and mixed gender 4 person teams.  The Oregon Coast has many fun vacation destinations but Seaside is the most popular.  Tourists from around the world love to visit their flat sandy beaches, explore their downtown, and dine at their fabulous restaurants.  My favorite part about visiting is to just hang out on the beach in the sun and drink my favorite cocktail.  I also like the fact they have lifeguards on duty during the summer which provide an extra level of safety.  The city of Seaside does a great job of sponsoring tons of different events during the summer including the Wheels and Waves Classic Car Show, Hood To Coast Relay Race,  Muscle and Chrome Car Show, Soccer Tournaments, Beach Runs, and many more.  They also have a world class civic and convention center that hosts events all year long.  Click on this link if you want to see pictures and videos of the 2015 Seaside Oregon Beach Volleyball Tournament and a video from a previous tournament.  These are some pictures I took form 2012 tourney.

Women's final match.

Women’s final match.

Beach Volleyball Tournament

As you can see there are some very good looking women at this event.  These volleyball players come from around the world to compete in this tourney because it is one of the best around.  If your traveling into town to watch I highly recommend coming on Saturday during the finals.  The final 2 man men and women’s matches are played at center court at around 6pm.  During the finals the crowd is fairly intoxicated and it gets pretty exciting.  The DJ’s play music in the breaks between play and the announcers keep the crowd entertained.  The above picture was taken right in front of the main stage where the announcers sit.  Like usual, the 2015 beach volleyball tournament will be sponsored by Bud Light and Bud Light Lime.  I usually don’t drink beer but I make an exception because there’s something about drinking beer in the sun on the beach that makes it taste better.  Here is a video that was filmed during the women’s final event during the 2010 tourney.

As you can see from the video this event is a lot of fun.  The stands where you see people sitting are basically made of sand that the event organizers pile up with excavators.  Spectators will bring old couches they purchased from Goodwill and use them as seats.  They also give away prizes like t-shirts, hats, and Bud Light beer cozy’s.  The main court is situated right in front of the turnaround on the beach in Seaside.  The other 100+ volleyball courts stretch out to the north and south along the beach.  The registration area is usually set up just to the South of the center court.  You can also buy T-Shirts, shorts, and hat’s down on the beach from vendors.  The 2015 event will also have food on the beach but you will have to bring your own beer.  Just an FYI, make sure it’s in a can and you’d be smart to bring Bud Light or you might get called out by the DJ.  If you can only  make it to Seaside for one thing this year I highly suggest attending the 2015 beach volleyball tournament.  Cya at the beach.

The Secret Law of Attraction Video

Law Of Attraction Coaching

Where to find great coaching?

  We want to go over some of the better law of attraction coaching options on the web. Law of attraction has become a house hold word due to the movie and book “The Secret“. As great as the movie is and was there was a lot left out as there was no possible way to get everything in there. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great start for anyone who is being introduced to manifesting abundance.

If you have done your best like so many to attract all that you want in your life but came up a little short, then you are not alone.

What they didn’t have time to go into is what holds us back in just about everything that we do and that is paradigms.

Now this word was very foreign to me until I first heard it a year or so ago. What is a paradigm? It is a limiting belief that has been placed in our subconscious (through repetition growing up or just everyday social media). Some paradigms serve us, but most do not. They send off pre conceived ideas or beliefs about any given subject or thought that may or may not be true. Call it an auto pilot.

Now Combine limiting paradigms with a negative self image (which most of us have and we don’t even know it) and you have a recipe to prevent you from possibly ever attracting what you desire in life.

So how do you get out of this limiting rut? Through proper coaching and courses like those found at Law Of Attraction Coaching. Matt has been through the ringer in life as most have and coached by the best of the best. They are currently offering a free 10-day E-course as well that normally goes for $99.00.