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Where to find great coaching?

¬† We want to go over some of the better law of attraction coaching options on the web. Law of attraction has become a house hold word due to the movie and book “The Secret“. As great as the movie is and was there was a lot left out as there was no possible way to get everything in there. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great start for anyone who is being introduced to manifesting abundance.

If you have done your best like so many to attract all that you want in your life but came up a little short, then you are not alone.

What they didn’t have time to go into is what holds us back in just about everything that we do and that is paradigms.

Now this word was very foreign to me until I first heard it a year or so ago. What is a paradigm? It is a limiting belief that has been placed in our subconscious (through repetition growing up or just everyday social media). Some paradigms serve us, but most do not. They send off pre conceived ideas or beliefs about any given subject or thought that may or may not be true. Call it an auto pilot.

Now Combine limiting paradigms with a negative self image (which most of us have and we don’t even know it) and you have a recipe to prevent you from possibly ever attracting what you desire in life.

So how do you get out of this limiting rut? Through proper coaching and courses like those found at Law Of Attraction Coaching. Matt has been through the ringer in life as most have and coached by the best of the best. They are currently offering a free 10-day E-course as well that normally goes for $99.00.